Ella Hollywood- Black Market T-girl (13/Mar/20)

Ella Hollywood- Black Market T-girl  (13/Mar/20)
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Ella realizes she is in big trouble as she is hurled onto the bed gagged with her hands bound behind her. The night had started so routinely.. I mean, she escorts all the time.. How was tonite any different? The difference was tonite, after stripping to her back satin panties, he noticed her bulge in the front! And him being a black market trader knew immediately the value of a hot 19 year old blond T-girl!
She tries to crawl away from him, but he sits on her legs while he ties he ankles, then rotates and sits on her again while he ties her elbows, never letting her up. His body weight smashing her tiny frame into the satin mattress.
He hoists her legs up behind her and pulls a crotch rope past her silk encased cock, pulls it through her wrist ropes, down through her ankle ropes, and then secures it behind her in a serpentine fashion, effectively and tightly hogtying her. Now any move she makes painfully tightens the ropes all over!
Once she is completely helpless he stands up to admire his work. He puts his grubby hands all over her as she tries her best to wiggle free. He grabs her by the throat and tells her she is gonna make someone a very happy owner.
BONUS! – Ella LOVED being hogtied for this, so at the end of the video I included 5 minutes of her un-gagged and really trying to escape this hogtie!

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