Shiri Allwood- Futa Taken Down, Tied, and Vibed (10/Mar/20)

Shiri Allwood- Futa Taken Down, Tied, and Vibed (10/Mar/20)
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Sexy Shiri is ready to take a swim when she realizes there is something wrong with her backyard pool. She calls the pool service and they send out a repairman. When the pool guy sees Shiri in her gorgeous one piece swimsuit, he loses control of himself. He grabs her and wrestles her down with his hand over her mouth so she can’t scream…
..Shiri comes to and she is tightly bound and ballgagged on her bed, still in her swimsuit. She struggles to get free, and after a few moments the pool guy comes in. “Oh I see somebody’s awake!” She tries to scoot and get away from him, but he grabs more rope and anchors her lengthwise on the bed. Now that there is no way for her to squirm away from him or roll over, he grabs her vibrator out of her night stand and begins to taunt her. ” You want this?” Humiliated, She tries her best to dodge and cover her spandex covered bulge, but she can’t hide that it is now twice its size and growing.. He playfully touches her with the buzzing vibe. After a few moments of her trying to get away, he notices that now she is actually pushing her hips forward into the vibrations. “OH… You LIKE this..” he says as he grabs and holds her down by her throat. Shiri builds toward a big orgasm, and just as she is about to cum, he pulls the toy away. Shiri moans in disbelief and begs him to continue through the gag. “You really want this? Jeez, you are such a slut.. Haha!” He teases her for a few more moments before tying her into a tight hogtie. He shoves the vibe under her pelvis, right under the tip of her bound lady cock.. Now stuck and helpless to get off of the pulsating vibrations, and with all of her body weight pressing down on it, he leaves her there. “I have a pool to fix.. Slut!” As he leaves, he can her Shiri moaning and cumming over and over.

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