TS Foxxy & Melanie Brooks – Sister War Part 1 (11/Jun/20)

TS Foxxy & Melanie Brooks Sister War Part 1 (11/Jun/20)
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Melanie Brooks and her boyfriend Dillon Diaz visit her sister TS Foxxy. Melanie is excited to introduce her new boyfriend to her, but Foxxy is way more excited to meet this handsome gentleman. After saying hello and entering the house, Melanie rushes Dillon into the bedroom to satisfy her craving for his cock. The spontaneity gets Dillon over-excited and he cums a couple of minutes into Melanie’s blowjob. Having left his girlfriend unsatisfied, Dillon needs to go clean himself up. On his way to the shower, he catches Foxxy masturbating with a huge dildo. Once Dillon finally gets in the shower and starts to clear his mind, he is surprised by Foxxy. She sneaks in the shower and starts washing him. Dillon goes along and slowly it becomes obvious that she wants more. Dillon slides his dick inside Foxxy but gets interrupted by Melanie who wants a second round. Poor Dillon will have to leave Foxxy in the shower and go take care of his girlfriend.

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