Roxi Heart- Manhandled By the Robber Part 1 (09/Mar/20)

Roxi Heart- Manhandled By the Robber Part 1 (09/Mar/20)
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Sweet innocent Roxi comes home after another day of work. She enters her home and sets down her purse and before she makes it to the couch, she is grabbed by a robber! He wrestles her down and ties her up tight on the couch. One she is tied, he leaves her there to struggle while he finishes going through her things.
After a while he returns to find her very much how he left her, still tightly tied and trying furiously to escape. He rolls her off onto the floor and hogties her. “Now that I’m finished robbing you, we can play around a little..” he says while groping her with his black leather gloves. She squirms and tries to get away, but to no avail. He pulls down her skirt and lingerie.. “What do we have here? You have a little surprise in your panties girl..” he says as he notices her lady cock rising to the occasion and leaking. “Well well well..” He smiles. Looks like I might spent some extra time her with you today.. He throws her a spandex catsuit that he had found in her closet. “Here.. Put his on..”
-Continued in part 2!

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