Clara Ludovice – Mechanical Butt Bang (09/Jun/20)

Clara Ludovice – Mechanical Butt Bang (09/Jun/20)
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Clara’s a winsome, blonde, tattooed transsexual temptress, with a nice, big, fat cock. We begin this solo masturbation scene, with her treating us to a sensual, sultry striptease, as she fondles her amorous assets. She then she lies down, as she firmly strokes, her humongous, savory sausage, while moaning euphorically, savoring every pleasurable sensation. She continues stroking her anaconda of lust, in doggie, while moaning, and sighing, in whorish rapture. Turning on the Fuck 6000, our mechanical fucking machine, she relishes it slowly, and methodically fucking her mouth, while she continues jacking off. With her now in doggie, the 6000 fucks her ass, with resolute resolve, as she ardently jacks off, moaning, and yelping, with unbridled primal passions. Flipping onto her back, the 6000 relentlessly continues it’s anal assault, while she frenetically jerks off, moaning, and crying out, in sluttish jubilation, until she erupts, in a volcanic, gut-wrenching orgasm, that spews her joy juice all over herself, creating a stupendous, sloppy, exquisite sight to behold, as she writhes elatedly, in the carnal afterglow.

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